Dry water

Dry waterDry water, which looks very similar to the table salt or sugar, is the form of water-air emulsion with tiny water droplets in the sandy silica coatings. In this amazing stuff, 95% water is prevented from mingling to each other with the help of silica coatings.


Dry water was initially invented in 1968 and rediscovered in 2006 by the researchers from the University of Hull, UK.


It is very easy to manufacture. Hydrophobic silica nanoparticles (HSN) can be used in its preparation. HSN and water are mixed together using a motor with a stirring rod and impeller that rotates at 19,000 rpm for 90 seconds coating the water droplets completely.


Dry water technology could provide a novel way to trap carbon dioxide in an effort to fight global warming.

It can also be used in making dry emulsions to remove potentially harmful waste products such as the products from Industries.

It can be used in a variety of consumer products. In this regard, scientists found that the dry water can be used to speed up the reactions between hydrogen gas and maleic acid to produce succinic acid, a material extensively used to make drugs, food ingredients, and other consumer products.

In my opinion, it can be used for the patients of hydrophobia.

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