Quiz: Introduction to Bioavailability

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Comparison of the rate and extent of the absorption of drug from the formulation under study to the data of a reference standard that is given intravenously, is known as

1. Bioavailability

2. Absolute bioavailability

3. Relative bioavailability

4. Biopharmaceutics

[sociallocker]The usual range of bioavailability is from

1. 0 to 1

2. 0 to 10

3. 1 to 10

4. 1 to 20

If the Relative Bioavailability is 1, it indicates

1. Complete bioavailability of the drug

2. Bioavailability of dosage form of one drug is same as that of the other dosage form

3. Complete binding of the drugs to the proteins as compared to the standard drug

4. Complete distribution of the drug

What would be the order of greater or lesser bioavailability of the dosage forms?

1. Oral > intravenous > rectal > topical

2. Intravenous > rectal > oral > topical

3. Intravenous > topical > rectal > oral

4. Intravenous > oral > rectal > topical

Absolute bioavailability

This formula shows which of the following

1. Absolute bioavailability

2. Relative bioavailability

3. Fraction Absolute bioavailability

4. Fraction Relative bioavailability



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