Facebook’s oldest user

Edythe Kirchmaier

Facebook’s oldest user is Edythe Kirchmaier. She is 105 years old. She broke the previous record of Florence Detlor, 101.

By joining Facebook, She is trying to get 105,000 likes for a charity’s page.

Last month Kirchmaier celebrated her 105th birthday and joined Facebook. She is also the California’s oldest licensed driver as she renewed her license last month. She is also the oldest living former student of the University of Chicago, said Direct Relief, a Santa Barbara-based medical charity where she is volunteering for about 40 years.

“I’ve been contacted by such wonderful people and received such nice messages and pictures from people all over the world,” Kirchmaier said. “I’m so humbled by all the interest in me.”

She is hopeful that her new Facebook friends will help to popularize the Direct Relief’s fan page.

“I’m hoping to get 105,000 likes for the page,” she said.


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