Ubuntu smartphone is reportedly coming in October, this year

Ubuntu phone

The first Ubuntu based smartphones will be launched in October, 2013, according to Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd. as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system, used to run servers and other systems in many IT departments, will now be accessible on many of the other devices such as desktop and tablet computers.

Canonical’s team is working on the streaming or virtualization of the operating system, so that the Windows applications would be accessible through these phones/PCs from corporate servers, so it means system has been devised, so that the users would get corporate sized data through a single pocket-size device.

“You can share Windows apps to the phone desktop,” Shuttleworth said in a meeting with the Journal, the paper reported.

The smartphones can be wirelessly connected to the keyboards and other peripherals, and to larger displays.

Although Ubuntu based smartphones will face challenges but nothing can be said in advance of its future. For heavily regulated industries, and “very security-conscious organizations, and where IT still have control over which devices people bring to work, Ubuntu is definitely an option,” Chris Hazelton, a mobile analyst with business advisory firm The 451 Group LLC, said.


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