Microsoft is planning to release a Linux version of Office in 2014

Office for Linux (Credit: ExtremeTech)

Microsoft is planning to launch a full Linux Version of Office in 2014 as reported by ExtremeTech. According to ExtremeTech, the rumors of the Linux version of Office started last weekend at FOSDEM, the open source conference held annually in Brussels.

This sudden plan to work on Linux platform has been thought to be due to “commercial viability” of Linux. Microsoft has also planned to launch a version of Office for Android, which is a Linux-based operating system, to work on mobile devices.

According to ExtremeTech:

Android, as you may already know, is a Linux-based operating system, meaning a lot of the porting work will have already been done — it shouldn’t take too much effort to take the next step and bring Office to Ubuntu, or whichever distro Microsoft favors.

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