Indian initiative to reduce crime, especially against women

India is planning to produce GPS enabled wrist watches for increased women safety

India is planning to develop GPS enabled wrist watches for enhanced safety, especially of women. In this regard, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, a unit within the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, is working on the device.

This plan has been revealed by Kapil Sibal, information technology minister.

This wrist watch will enable the women to send a text message to the police, in the nearest police station, about the threat by simply pressing a button on the device. The message will be sent not only to the police but also to the selected family members. The global positioning system will enable the authorities about the wearer’s coordinates. A camera attached with it will also record about 30 minutes of video.

The same technology would also help the parents to keep a check on the children.

The government would unveil the prototype by the mid of this year and the companies will then be asked for mass production, Sibal said. According to the government’s release, initial talks have been held about manufacturing the product with state-run telecom equipment maker ITI Ltd. ITI’s chairman, K.L. Dhingra, confirmed the discussions to India Real Time: “In case the government decides, we are very much interested to manufacture it.” There will be two variants of the watch one for $20 and the other for about $50, Sibal noted.

Some points are to be considered for its full utilization such as the efficient working of the technology and the safety promises, as reported by The Wall Street Journal’s India Real Time. Speaking to India Real Time, Delhi women’s rights activist Sehba Farooqi said, “I don’t think this will make any difference in controlling rape cases.”

Overall, the idea is great.

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