Visual tour of NASA’s space foods through the history

NASA has posted various photos tracking the development of space food in the recent decades and some details of the laboratory’s work.

You can look through the 50 years of NASA space food, from the Gemini missions to the International Space Station. NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory (SFSL) is responsible for “Flight food systems”.

Space Food Systems Laboratory (Credit: NASA)

Do you know? Astronauts lose the sense of taste and smell after spending sometime in weightlessness. Ohhh. It means, in that condition, only things that attracts them to the food is hunger and the sight.

SFSL considers this and provides “high-quality flight food systems that are convenient, compatible with each crew member’s physiological and psychological requirements, meet spacecraft stowage and galley interface requirements, and are easy to prepare and eat in the weightlessness of space.”

According to NASA, space food has another role i.e. it “not only provides nutrition for astronauts, but also enhances the psychological well-being of the crew by establishing a familiar element in an unfamiliar and hostile environment.”

Spacefood container

Space Food Shuttle Tray

Space Food Apollo

Space Food Mercury and Gemini


Space Food Skylab Tray

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