World’s first Ultra HD TV transmission will be started in Japan by the next year

Samsung 70" 4k x 2k prototype as demoed at CES2012Japanese government is planning to start the world’s first 4K TV broadcast by the mid of the next year, i.e. July 2014, as reported by the Asahi Shimbun. The country will initially use CS (communication satellites) before moving to BS (broadcast satellites) and ground digital broadcasting.

4K TV transmissions are Ultra HD transmissions that boast the resolution of current high-definition TVs by four times. Previously, the government planned to start the 4K transmission by 2016 but Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications recently announced that the 8K transmission will be tested by that year.

4K transmission has benefits in Japan as many of the 4K TVs are manufactured by Japanese companies such as Toshiba, Sharp, and Sony.

The starting period for the transmission of the 4K TVs is about the later stages of the soccer World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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