Google is testing to synchronize desktop Chrome passwords with Android devices

Google chrome

Google is working on the new feature of synchronizing the desktop Chrome password with the Android devices – a feature that is already present in Chrome for iOS.

Although Google has already designed for syncing of bookmarks and other data but password synchronization is the first time.

This feature has been noted by Chrome tinkerer François Beaufort on the Chromium Code Review website. It has been created slightly more than a week ago and has been committed to the Chromium code base.

From the “Chromium Code Reviews” website,

“Android doesn’t support password sync, enable password sync for clients which have migrated to using Keystore. Currently, passwords will start syncing only when sync-keystore-encryption flag is specified on the command line.”

Beaufort noted that after enabling the flag “Sync keystore encryption” in chrome://flags, the users will be ready for the new feature as the flag will let the app to adapt the sync data but it could result in corrupted or change in information, so it’s good to wait for the Google’s official announcement about the use of new feature. After official testing and approval, its stable version will be available for majority of the Android device users.

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