Increase your child’s IQ by more than 13 points

Idea (Credit: Udo Döhler/Picassa)Researchers have found that fish oil, quality preschooling and interactive reading can help to increase the IQ level of children.

This research has been published online in the Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Researchers in this study worked on the existing studies to check the effectiveness of the different types of interventions for IQ.

Researchers have found that the addition of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as foods rich in omega-3, in the diets of pregnant women and newborns can increase the IQ of the children by more than 3.5 points. Foods with such essential fatty acids include fishes. Researchers are of the opinion that these essential fatty acids are helpful in neuronal development.

For the other interventions, researchers have found that interactive reading helped to increase the IQ of children, over 4 years old, by more than 6 points. Interactive reading refers to “reading to children in an interactive manner”. Furthermore, increase of 4 points has been found in children sent to preschool, i.e. early education activities, while the increase was more than 7 points if the preschools include a language development section.

All these interventions collectively helped to increase IQ level by more than 13 points. Wow – a good deal.

“Our aim in [this research] is to learn what works and what doesn’t work to raise people’s intelligence,” John Protzko, a doctoral student at the New York University (NYU) Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, said in a statement. “For too long, findings have been disconnected and scattered throughout a wide variety of journals. The broad consensus about what works is founded on only two or three very high-profile studies.”

“The larger goal here is to understand the nature of intelligence, and if and how it can be nurtured at every stage of development,” said Aronson, Protzko’s advisor. “This is just a first step in a long process of understanding. It is by no means the last word. In fact, one of the main conclusions is how little high quality research exists in the field and how much more needs to be done.”


Protzko, J., Aronson, J., & Blair, C. (2013). How to Make a Young Child Smarter: Evidence From the Database of Raising Intelligence Perspectives on Psychological Science, 8 (1), 25-40 DOI: 10.1177/1745691612462585

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  • Beth

    This article shows you can improve your child’s IQ based on the child’s enviornment. Recognized by Brown 1999; and Marcus 2004; the enviornment plays a factor with the child’s genes and almost enhances those abilities based on what enviornment the child is given. For example, in the article it talks about the food that is better or what preschool one should put his/her child in. Those examples have nothing to do with the child’s IQ being based off heredity but are enviornmental influences.

  • 4728472083

    While there certainly may be no harm in attempting to increase the IQ of your child, parents should keep in mind that a higher IQ is not directly proportionate to a more successful future. Students with higher IQ scores have tended to do very well in school, but not necessarily in the real world. Focusing on cultivating your child’s intelligence is important, yes, but we should also keep in mind that a higher IQ isn’t everything. An adult needs to be motivated and prepared to work hard in order to be truly successful and achieve his or her goals. Parents should focus on talking to their children about the future and discussing the importance of being motivated to do well not only in school, but life beyond as well. High intelligence of course makes one much more likely to be successful, without motivation however, the intelligence goes to waste.

  • Q

    this is a very interesting article. It seems like the methods to increase a childs IQ are very effective. It also makes sense to make a child read more and while you are reading, let them tell you what is going on in the story. Researches also found out that fish oil is another good way to increase your childs IQ. This article is good to read to benefit your childs future education.