Some more tips for adsense optimization for your blog or website

Google AdsenseLast week, adsense team published some old but important optimization tips for the blogs and websites. This week the adsense team has published some advanced tips for optimization of adsense. Here is your dose.

Blog and website owners have to consider the user experience and have to try to give them something unique as users are among the busiest people in the world. They have few seconds to visit the site. In those few seconds, user experience start and could come to an end, if they will not find something unique or important.

Adsense’s highest paying ad is shown on a page first, so in order to increase the revenue confirm that first ad unit in the HTML code be the best performing ad unit.

Adsense crawls the website to give best relevant and useful ads as possible. So, crawler errors must be reduced to get the best results.

An increasing number of users are accessing internet through mobile devices. So, in order to stay on top, website or blog owners have to adapt to the mobile strategy.

Share articles on Google+ page that will not only give your article an exposure but also allow the readers to recommend your articles through +1 button.

If you want to work with other ad networks or advertisers, DFP Small Business is a free Google-hosted service to work online on your site with adsense alongside other ad partners.

Source: Google Adsense blog

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