Weight loss plan can be ruined by drinking soda

All of us know that water is a good drinking strategy for losing weight but this is not the case for all beverages.

Soda drinking and drinking other such sugary liquids can ruin your weight loss program. These beverages have more sugar than normal nutrients. Not only normal soda but even diet cola has health risks too including type two diabetes and stroke. Soda not only has health causing problems but can also add up to your weight.

Soda drink

Researchers did a huge study on 33,000 Americans and found clear proof that such beverages interacts with the genes affecting weight. This weight gain by the soda beverages is independent of the other unhealthful actions such as overeating and getting too little exercise.

Research also showed that the individuals who drink two or more diet sodas per day had waistlines that were 500% larger than the nondrinkers.

However, if someone wants to taste the effervescence he or she can use sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lemon.


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