NASA’s Curiosity Rover team has selected the rock drilling target on Mars

Curiosity Rover at Snake River (Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech/ Mark Di Lorenzo and Ken

NASA’s Curiosity rover team has selected the 1st target for rock drilling on Mars as the team was working on the suitable options for the past several weeks. Robots current location inside is a shallow depression known as “Yellowknife Bay”, which is full of light toned rocks.

Drilling in the rocks would help a lot in studying the planetary features as the analysis of the interior of the rocks by chemical spectrometry would help to determine the elemental composition and whether the organic chemicals are present on another planet or not.

Although the exact location of rock drilling has not been revealed but it is assumed that it would be somewhere near the “Snake River” rocks.

According to the sources of Universe Today, NASA’s announcement will be made in this week.

At this time, rover is working on the chain of rocks called as “Snake River” on the sandy Martian floor.

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