Google’s Zavers is a new digital coupon offer

Google has introduced a new digital coupon offer for easy redemption by the users on targeted interests as for example parents of teenagers will not be moved to the diapers section as it is of no interest to them. Zavers by Google is “a digital coupon solution that enables retailers and manufacturers to reward loyal customers with coupons that are relevant to them”.

Google said that it will present the product first-hand to visitors of Google’s booth at the annual National Retail Federation (NFR) Convention & Expo in New York.


Zavers is a quite different project from “Google Wallet” that allows the users to pay with the mobile phones utilizing NFC technology.

According to the announcement, Zavers let users to visit retailer websites and save digital coupons to their accounts. Users can then shop those products and check out as usual. Redemption occurs in real time with savings automatically deducted at checkout upon provision of rewards cards or phone numbers by the shoppers.

Manufacturer discounts in Zavers would help to reduce the incentive programs by the retailers.

Manufacturers only pay, when a product moved off the shelf. They can look at the real time redemptions as the transactions are stored in the cloud. It would help them to target and plan coupon policies to maximize profits as said by Google.

From Google Commerce Blog,

Unlike traditional media, Zavers’ real-time data gives manufacturers new ways to measure coupon redemptions and analyze consumer preferences so they can manage distribution, tailor campaigns, and optimize budgets for maximum ROI. Zavers also offers access to an extensive network of manufacturer coupons, opening up new retail revenue streams.

With Zavers, shoppers find manufacturer discounts on their favorite retailer websites, and save the digital coupons to their accounts. Then they simply shop for those products and check out as usual. Redemption occurs in real time, with savings automatically deducted at checkout when shoppers provide their rewards cards or type in their phone numbers without any need for scanning or sorting. Manufacturers only pay when a product is moved off the shelf.

Zavers by Google is growing fast. This month we are thrilled to welcome New York’s Original Grocer, D’Agostino, as the latest partner in our retail network. In the coming months, we will be announcing partnerships with a number of other major retailers.

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