100 million Galaxy S devices have been sold by Samsung

Samsung has achieved the milestone of sale of more than 100 million Galaxy S devices.

According to the company, 40 million Galaxy S III devices have been sold. It has been sold twice quickly during its first five months on the market, with 20 million channel sales compared to 10 million for the SII while the original Galaxy S reached the point of 24 million units’ sale since it was released in June, 2010. The company’s new products like Galaxy S III mini has also contributed to the huge number.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Sales (Credit: Samsung Tomorrow/Flickr)

Samsung has reported that the current daily sales of the Galaxy S III is about 190,000 units, so it means 500 phones per minute meaning 8 phones in a second.

Samsung has also recently announced 110-inch 4K “Floating” TV and 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, which is reported to work faster and with 70% more efficiency than the company’s current fastest mobile chip.

In Korean,

삼성전자 대표 스마트폰 ‘갤럭시S’ 시리즈가 2010년 5월 시장에 처음 선보인 후 약 2년 7개월만에 누적 판매 1억대(공급 기준)를 돌파했다. 지난해 5월 출시한 ‘갤럭시S Ⅲ’는 출시 50일 만에 텐밀리언셀러에 이름을 올린데 이어, 5개월만에 3,000만대, 7개월만에 4,000만대를 넘어섰다. 하루 평균 약 19만대 수준의 판매량을 꾸준히 이어 가고 있다. 삼성전자의 글로벌 스마트폰 시장 1위 달성에 견인차 역할을 한 ‘갤럭시SⅡ’도 출시 20개월만에 4,000만대가 판매되며, 스테디셀러로
입지를 다져 가고 있다.


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