Wanna lose weight, Eat salad daily


Eating Salads and water-rich foods, once a day, has not only health benefits for you but it can also help you to lose your weight.

Salad has some important benefits including increase in fiber, reduction of calories, and the introduction of good fats.

It has been known that leafy green vegetables and salads has a good amount of fiber that is helpful in many ways such as reduction of cholesterol levels, prevention of cholesterol and feeling not hungry for longer.

If taken in right amount at right time, salads can help you to lose significant amount of calories as they are full of fiber and has fewer amount of carbohydrates. If you will start your meal with salads, they would help you to eat less helping you to get slim. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University showed that eating a first-course salad can decrease overall calorie intake at a meal by up to 12 percent. Researchers found that women ate about 100 less calories at the meals with salad as compared to the meals with no salad servings.

Salads, at least once in a day, can also give you a good amount of fat.

You can also increase the taste and nutritional value by adding olive oil to the salad. You can also mix it with flavors like garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a guilt-free dressing.


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