Google Chrome updated to version 24

Google has just released the next version, i.e. version 24, of the Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Although the new version has no new features but the update would improve speed with a range of security fixes and new version of V8 and Webkit layout engine.

Google chrome screenshot

Dharani Govindan, Technical Program Manager, wrote in a blog post, “With today’s Chrome Stable release, you’ll be booting up a faster browser. Feel free to kick back after the holidays and enjoy Chrome’s new year freshness through automatic updates.”

You can use the browser’s updater or can go to to get the latest release.

Google Chrome was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2, 2008 and after three months it was released to the public.

According to Statcounter, Chrome is the largest used browser in the world while according to Netmarketshare, it is at third position after Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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