Get married to increase your chances of long life

Marriage mattersResearchers have found that marriage decreases the chances of death during the middle ages of life.

This research has been published online in the Springer’s journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Researchers in this study worked on the effect of the history of marriage and the timing of marriage on the premature death during middle stages of the life. They also studied the role of pre-marital personality and determine the extent of the role of health behaviors.

Researchers analyzed the data for 4,802 individuals while emphasizing the stability and change in the patterns of marital and non-marital status during middle stages of life, scheming for personality at college entry (average age 18), socioeconomic position and health risk behaviors.

Researchers have found that the people, who were not married, have two times more chances of dying early than those people, who had been in a stable marriage throughout their adult life. If someone thinks that having a partner without marriage can solve the problem, then it is not the case as losing a partner without any replacement can also increase the chances of early death during middle ages reducing the chances of living to the elderly phase.

“Consistency of marital status during midlife suggests that lack of a partner is associated with midlife mortality,” researchers wrote.

Marital status has a great impact even if personality and risky behavior is considered.

“Our results suggest that attention to non-marital patterns of partnership is likely to become more important for these Baby Boomers. These patterns appear to provide different levels of emotional and functional social support, which has been shown to be related to mortality. Social ties during midlife are important to help us understand premature mortality”, researchers concluded.

In the month of November of last year, we wrote about the research that shows that the new generation is ready to marry at younger ages and parents are somewhat reluctant for early marriage. So, this research could be important for those parents to consider something good for their children.


Siegler, I., Brummett, B., Martin, P., & Helms, M. (2013). Consistency and Timing of Marital Transitions and Survival During Midlife: the Role of Personality and Health Risk Behaviors Annals of Behavioral Medicine DOI: 10.1007/s12160-012-9457-3

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