Facebook will take users’ response about the Poke app through phone

pokeFacebook is probably going to conduct phone interviews with the users about the latest mobile app, Poke, to know the way in which they are using the service and what they feel about the service.

Poke is an app on iPhone allowing the users to send messages, photos and videos to their friends for a specific period of time. After a short time, the content is removed from the app. This app is similar to the Snapchat application that is more popular than Poke app.

Facebook is utilizing Ethn.io to enlist participants through Facebook ads leading to a short questionnaire. Selected users, who must have a webcam, will get $75 Amazon gift card. They will be interviewed over Skype or GoToMeeting.

 Ethn.io to Facebook screenshot

The company is also using SurveyMonkey to enlist the participants for interviews at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, Calif. This would ask the users some additional questions such as about the type of phone and how the users use the Poke. The company seriously want to know the Who’s, How’s and Why’s or Why not’s related to the app.

Facebook has a research team that makes surveys, conducts phone and in-person interviews and sometimes can visit homes to ask questions and to redesign the Facebook properly and this research would help Facebook for the future work.


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