Udemy’s new project would make your favorite personality your teacher

Udemy, an online learning and teaching platform, has launched Teach2013 to encourage and promote the industry experts and leaders to develop and teach their own courses.

“What if every expert in the world decided to teach the next generation? Imagine how many lives we could change” Company wrote on the program’s main page.

Udemy Teach2013 screenshot

The basic purpose behind the new program is to bring not only more users and learners but also to bring the high quality work for them. You can see the good thinking behind the program by looking at the point, where the company has told the users to Tweet the experts such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Bill Nye, Ashton Kutcher and many more, if they want to learn from them. This would help a lot as there are many courses that only specific individuals could teach better.

Eren Bali, Udemy’s co-founder and CEO, believes this program could have a great impact on the future of different societies, “Imagine what we could accomplish if every expert shared his or her knowledge with the world. Offline instructors are now teaching millions of people around the world. But there are so many more subjects that students want to learn. We’re calling upon every expert to join us and teach the next generation, starting this year.”

Courses on Udemy can be free or paid and if the courses are paid instructors will receive 70% of the revenue while having full control of course content, copyright and pricing.

There are also other online learning platforms including CourseraP2PU, Khan AcademySkillshareCodecademy, and others.


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