Tomato could help us to fight against strokes, heart attacks and cancer

Tomato has lycopene to protect from heart attack, strokes and cancer (Credit: have reported that he “Tomato skin” pill could protect us from strokes, heart attacks and the progression of cancer.

Research has shown that the chemical “lycopene” in Tomato helps in making the blood vessels more efficient, unclog the blocked arteries, increase the blood flow and softened the arteries that could be toughened with age.

Researchers developed a lycopene compound that could be more easily absorbed by the blood than the natural fellow. They presented the results of the two months trials of the pill containing the developed lycopene to 36 heart disease patients and 36 healthy people in front of the American Heart Association.

Ian Wilkinson, director of Cambridge University’s clinical trials unit, said in a statement. “We think these results are good news and potentially very significant, but we need more trials to see if they translate into fewer heart attacks and strokes.”

Peter Kirkpatrick, medical adviser to CamNutra, which has developed Ateronon, added, “It is too early to come to any firm conclusions, but the results from this trial are far better than anything we could have hoped for.”

Researchers reported that the pill helped the cells of the endothelium to show improved work by becoming more sensitive to the nitric oxide gas that helps to expand the blood vessels resulting in 50% more flexibility. They are of the opinion that the lycopene compound containing pill could be alternatively used in place of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

David Fitzmaurice, professor of primary care clinical sciences at Birmingham University, said, “If this modified lycopene really does have an effect on endothelial function, then it could have a beneficial effect on virtually every inflammatory disease process, including things like arthritis or diabetes.

“It is all highly speculative at this stage, but this [modified lycopene] might even slow down the development of cancer, which is also linked to inflammation.”

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