Social media is replacing traditional media channels at a fast pace

In a new survey from Digital Policy Council (DPC), it has been found that three out of four, i.e. 75%, heads of the state of the world are now present on the Twitter.

The survey evaluated a total of 164 countries and found that 123 of them have a head of state that is present on Twitter either with a personal account or with an official government’s account. This value is nearly double from the last year, when 69 out of the 164 countries had a presence on Twitter.

Twitter adoption among leaders (Credit: Digital Daya)

If we look at the number of followers, Barack Obama has the maximum number of followers in the world of leaders on Twitter i.e. 25 million followers. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has second highest number of followers i.e. 3.5 million followers. President Abdullah Gül of Turkey is on number 3 with over 2 million followers.

According to the report, “The sheer popularity that social platforms like Twitter possess make it clear that traditional media channels are no longer adequate or in some cases, even effective. Leaders seek to be where their people are, and are recognizing, more than ever, that the options for communicating with their electorate have been redefined.”

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