Samsung is going to introduce world’s first Tizen based smartphones in 2013

SamsungSamsung would start selling the world’s first Tizen-based smartphone in 2013 according to a report from Japan’s Daily Yomiuri site. Tizen is an open sourced mobile operating system supported by Samsung, DoCoMo, Vodafone and others.

Yomuiri reported, “Samsung will probably begin selling the smartphones next year and they are likely to be released in Japan and other countries at around the same time, according to sources.” However, the report is not clear about the phone’s specifications and the specific launch date.

Samsung is making strong moves in the smartphone industry and this is showing their work. This launch is showing the company’s diversifying options although Android is the operating system of most of the phones of the company. The company is also reportedly going to launch Windows Phone devices too in the time.

At this time, Google and Apple have a 90% of market share and the aim of the new OS project is to become a strong rival of the two U.S. companies as reported by Yomiuri.

Market share of smartphone operating systems (Credit: Gartner)

Tizen supporters reported that the platform will be truly open. Moreover, it will not be entirely limited to the smartphones as it can be used for tablets, smart TVs and more. The Tizen Project is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Tizen reported in a blogpost on 27th September, “Today we are happy to welcome you to Tizen, a new open source project that is the home of the Tizen software platform, a mobile and device operating system based on Linux and other popular upstream projects. Tizen will support multiple device categories, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks, and in-vehicle infotainment devices. The Linux Foundation will host the project, where Tizen development will be completely open and led by a technical steering team composed of Intel and Samsung.’

This report shows that the year 2013 would come with the competition in the operating system market.

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