Apple’s iWatch will come within the next six months; Rumors

Apple would launch its Watch – i.e. iWatch – within the next six months as reported by the Chinese news site TGBUS.

These could be rumors but according to the rumors/reports Apple’s iWatch would come with 1.5” touchscreen having Intel chips and new low-power Bluetooth technology. Apple’s voice assistant Siri would also enable the users to control the features in the watch using voice.

iWatch (Credit: Shutterstock)

According to Venturebeat, it is unlikely that the iPad-maker will develop iWatch. “It needs to be much more than a watch, and much more than a way to communicate with the device that is already just a few inches away in your pocket,” argued John Koetsier. “Would the company that reinvented the computer, the phone, and the way we consume media be aiming so low?”

If we consider innovation, Apple’s watch will work best, if it would do more than the present devices by the company. According to Gizmag’s Will Shanklin the rumour “smells fishy”.

“Even if Siri-powered accessories are eventually coming, though, this rumor is suspect. ‘Long-shot’ doesn’t begin to describe the odds,” he said. However, Shanklin added, “Even if this rumor is bogus, though, wearable tech products are waiting in the wings.”

Rene Ritchie wrote on iMore that “Given the popularity of the nano-as-watch, and of other connected watch-style devices, like the television, it’s hard to imagine that Apple doesn’t have a project or prototype or several in the labs. Also like the television, that’s a far cry from going to market with an final, polished product.”

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