“Patent Power” list shows U.S. has many top patents

U.S. holds most of the top patents in the world in which some of the familiar names such as Google, Microsoft, the U.S. Navy and Harvard University from U.S. are among the top patent holders.

Patent refers to the exclusive rights granted by a government to the inventor/s to market an invention.

A list of “”Patent Power” 2012 published by IEEE spectrum represent the top inventors ranking patent portfolios based on quality as well as quantity showing that some of the companies, such as Apple, is on number 3 in the list of patents related to “Electronics”. In this field, Japan has many of the companies or organizations which are included in the top 20 position such as Canon Inc. (1), Panasonic Corp. (4), Hitachi Ltd. (5), Sony Corp. (6), Sharp Corporation (10) and Olympus Corp. (18).


If we consider the universities, only one university from China (Tsinghua University) is in the list of top 20 patent holders with 15th position. All the other universities are in U.S.

Two new comers—Intelligent Technologies International and Fluidigm Corp.— have been introduced in 2011 calendar year and interestingly they are at the top 2 positions in the “Scientific Instruments” category.

Samsung Electronics Co. from South Korea is at the top in the patent list of “Semiconductor Manufacturing”. In the list of patents by “Government agencies”, U.S. Navy is at the top and an agency from India, i.e. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, is at the 20th position.

IBM is at the top of the patent list of “Computer Systems”. HP is at 2nd position and Dell Inc. is at 5th position. Lenovo Group Ltd. from China is at the 7th position.

In the list of “Computer Software”, Microsoft Corp. is at the top of the patent’s list and Oracle Corp. is at the 4th position.

In the “Communication/Internet Services”, Google Inc. is at the top, AT&T Inc. is at the 2nd position and Yahoo Inc. is at the 5th position.

In the list of “Communication/Internet Equipment”, Nokia Corp. from Finland is at the 3rd position and Huawei Technologies Co. from China is at 17th position.

In the list of “Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals”, Abbott Laboratories is at the top, Johnson & Johnson is at the 2nd position, Roche Holding Ltd. is at the 4th position and GSK is at the 5th position.

In the list of “Automotive and Parts”, Toyota Motor Corp. from Japan is at the top.


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