Start exploring Andromeda Galaxy with Astronomers

Do you want to take part in Astronomical research? Whether you are an astronomer or not you have a chance.

Astronomers at the University of Utah and collaborators are looking for volunteers to study Andromeda with the help of newly launched Andromeda Project. Thousands of Hubble Space Telescope images of galaxy will be shown to identify star clusters that would help to work on the evolution of the galaxies.

The Andromeda galaxy (Credit: Courtesy of Robert Gendler)

“We want to get people excited about participating. We’re hoping for thousands of volunteers,” Anil Seth, an organizer of the Andromeda Project and an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Utah, said in a statement.

“I love looking through these amazing Hubble Space Telescope images of Andromeda, the closest big spiral galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy,” he added. “The Andromeda Project will give lots of people the opportunity to share in that amazement.”

“Star clusters are groups of hundreds to millions of stars that formed from gas at the same time so all the stars have the same age,” Seth said. A goal of the Andromeda Project “is to study the history of the galaxy, and these clusters play an important role.”

Astronomers have started this project to “crowdsource” the problem of a large study of the Universe. To study the Andromeda, registration is not required in the Andromeda Project and after a simple online tutorial participants would start working on the project.

“You don’t need to know anything about astronomy to participate, and it’s actually pretty fun, like playing an online game,” Cliff Johnson, a University of Washington graduate student working on the project, said.

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