Japan’s new plan of developing high speed floating trains

Maglev train

The Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai) has unveiled the prototype for floating maglev train that is able to reach the speed of 311 miles per hour without wheels. However, it will be available to be used after a long time that is in 2027 running between Tokyo and Nagoya in nearly 40 minutes that is the distance of about 200 miles. Moving in bullet train – introduced in about 1964 – takes about 90 minutes.

Japan Series L0 Tracks Main

Recently, the train manufacturer showed the “Series L0” prototype with a 92-foot-long front car including a lengthy aerodynamic nose of about 49 feet and the 14-carriage train that floats above the tracks with the help of magnetic levitation that is why named as maglev train. This magnetic levitation will be produced by changes in horizontal magnetic fields alternatively attracting and repelling the rails. This levitation will help it to become highly smooth, quiet and enable it to move at high speed.

“Through the test runs, we will make final checks to ensure that commercial services are comfortable,” Yasukazu Endo, the head of the development centre, told local media.

This project is very much costly and according to Engadget’s Nicole Lee, it would take about $112 billion.



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