Single unknown fundamental laws are controlling everything from brain to universe; Research

Universe has some connection to the growth of brain

Scientists have found through a computer simulation that the universe grows like a giant brain.

This research has been published online in the November 16th issue of the journal Nature’s Scientific Reports.

Scientists have found that there are some single basic laws, which are still unknown, are working from the tiny electrical firing of neurons to the expansion of the universe.

“Natural growth dynamics are the same for different real networks, like the Internet or the brain or social networks,” said study co-author Dmitri Krioukov, a physicist at the University of California San Diego.

Researchers made a computer simulation of the early universe by breaking it to the tiniest possible units even smaller than the sub-atomic particles. They linked any quanta – the smallest discrete quantity of a physical property – in the huge celestial network and found that more and more space-time was added to the universe as the simulation progressed showing that the “network” connections between the matter in the galaxies also grew.

Researchers found that the growth of social networks and brain circuits follow the same path as the growth of universe i.e. their networks expanded in the similar way. They maintain a balanced links between similar nodes with the ones that had already many connections.

According to Krioukov, this similarity between the smaller and larger networks is most probably not a coincidence.

“For a physicist it’s an immediate signal that there is some missing understanding of how nature works,” Krioukov said.

Researchers wrote, “Structural and dynamical similarities of different real networks suggest that some universal laws might accurately describe the dynamics of these networks, albeit the nature and common origin of such laws remain elusive.”

Previously, almost the same thing was found by the researchers that the neurons in the brain have very much similarity to the networks in the universe as you can see in the picture below.

Neurons versus galaxy (Credit: Mark Miller/Brandeis University)


Dmitri Krioukov, Maksim Kitsak, Robert S. Sinkovits, David Rideout, David Meyer & Marián Boguñá, (2012). Network Cosmology. Scientific Reports, doi:10.1038/srep00793

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