Look at “100,000 Stars” from space with Google Chrome Experiment

Google chrome experiment for 100,000 stars

Google is on another project to take the users to an unusual virtual trip to about “100,000 Stars” with a Chrome experiment.

With the help of mouse or trackpad, users will be able to check 3D graphics of our galaxy with a close-up of the stars that are relatively closer to our Earth. Users can zoom-in or zoom-out in the experiment. They can take a tour by clicking the “take a tour” button on the upper left that will come with interesting facts presented on the screen. They can click on the stars to get more info from Wikipedia. Google has collected information presented by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).


Star system in the Google chrome experiment

Along with the 3D graphics, users will be able to listen to music by Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick. The company uses the technologies including WebGL, CSS3D and Web Audio.

In the Google Chrome blog, Aaron Koblin wrote, “As you explore this experiment, we hope you share our wonder for how large the galaxy really is. It’s incredible to think that this mist of 100,000 measurable stars is a tiny fraction of the sextillions of stars in the broader universe.”

We have tried it and it is really an interesting experiment to look into a part of universe as an amateur.


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