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Like - DislikeResearchers have found that the popularity of celebrities decrease with the more exposure of their private life to the public.

This research has been published online in the journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology.

This article could be a type of blessing for all those husbands, the wives of whom are very much interested in looking TV soaps. Your wife might like any TV show or drama due to the characters in that show or drama. We are going to give you a solution to get rid of those bored dramas and shows. Just tell and show the private life of the characters in that drama to your wife and you will see the downward trend in the popularity of those characters.

Researchers have wrote,

The extraordinary lives of celebrities loom large in our ordinary eyes. We attend their performances, track news of their engagements, listen to their commercial messages, and sometimes even imitate their fashions. Although celebrity athletes and entertainers have a tremendous influence on their following, relatively little is known about why they are held in such high regard and how perceptions of them are altered. The present research provides an initial understanding of how information about celebrity figures is processed.

Researchers in this study have found that “increasing knowledge and meta-knowledge of celebrities may diminish their marketability” and that with the more exposure to private life, public support to the products and brands of the celebrities also decrease.

Researchers have published, “[Celebrities] informing the public about themselves and their positions on political, religious, and social issues may diminish not only their popularity but their endorsement appearances and sales at the box office.”

Researchers did a series of experiments and used the politically polarizing pair of Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson as examples. Researchers have found that when the volunteers got more information about the private lives, political position and religious beliefs of these two megastars their interest in them decreased.


David M. Sanbonmatsu, Dominika Mazur, Bruce E. Pfeiffer, Frank R. Kardes & Steven S. Posavac, (2012). The Less the Public Knows the Better? The Effects of Increased Knowledge on Celebrity Evaluations. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, DOI:10.1080/01973533.2012.728408


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