Brewster, iOS contact app, comes to Europe

iPhone screenshot (Credit: Brewster)Brewster, the smart contacts app on iOS devices, launched in U.S. in July is now available in Europe. This app saw a huge rush of downloads that was “way beyond” the expectation about Brewster in U.S.

Steve Greenwood, founder and CEO of Brewster, said that he wanted to see whether the app could handle increased demand or not and that was the reason for not launching the app in U.S. and Europe together.

This app is built with the concept of managing contacts across different social networks, your phone and your email. The app aggregates and merges all the contacts from whatever the source you want and make connections on other users’ activity. In this way, it would become a centralized address book enabling the users to access those other networks.

This app could incorporate social networks with email. Users are able to find people by their names, interests, locations, and photos, if the other users  have them and make it public.

Brewster was updated earlier this month to make it, in Greenwood’s words, “smarter, faster and more beautiful.”

Although some issues raised with the privacy but the company resolved it.

There are also some other apps closely related to the concept of one address book i.e.

  • Plaxo Address Book Backup – Plaxo, Inc. (now part of Comcast)
  • Rapportive (now part of LinkedIn)
  • Smartr Contacts for iPhone – Xobni Corp. and
  • Fruux.

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