Phenomenal lesson taught by a Saudi Father to the murderer of his son

The murderer, Faisal al-Ameri, kissing the forehead of Rabi’a al-Dousary, the father of the young man he killed. (Credit: al-Yawm newspaper)

Rabi’a al-Dousary, a person from Saudia whose son Abdullah was being murdered by Faisal al-Ameri, has set a condition to forgive the murderer; if he will memorize all of the Holy Quran before leaving the prison he will forgive him, as reported by al-Yawm Saudi Newspaper.

Ameri killed the victim during a quarrel in the neighborhood and he was sentenced to death but the higher committee of Correction in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom has convinced the father to forgive and pardon Ameri, so the father refused the blood money and caused Ameri to learn a far more significant lesson i.e. he has to fully memorize the Quran before his release from the prison.

Source: Al Arabiya News

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