Logitech’s Bluetooth Keyboard K810 can be charged with USB or user’s typing

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard-K810

Logitech, Switzerland based computer accessories maker, has recently announced the Bluetooth enabled backlit keyboard K810. Although this keyboard has been designed for Windows 8 but it also works with Windows, iOS and Android devices. It can be connected to a trio of devices simultaneously, so that the user will be able to switch among their PC, tablet and smartphone devices with the push of one button.

It is a slim keyboard, sporting actual brushed aluminum and sleek lines. It has 10 days of battery life on full charge. According to the company, it can be recharged through USB or while the user is typing.

Words illuminating on Logitech's Keyboard K810 (Credit: Logitech)

Nice part of this keyboard is its auto-adjusting illumination allowing the users to work even in low light environment on its laser-etched key characters. While the dimming or brightening is dependent on the light level in the environment, it has an additional feature of proximity detection, so the lights in the keyboards automatically turn on whenever the user’s hands approach it.

This keyboard will be launched this month in U.S. for $99.99.


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