Rockmelt app for iPad users to navigate their favorite sites and articles

Rockmelt in iPad (screenshot)

Rocketmelt team has built an iPad app that is actually a type of browser without an address bar built on a regular stream from the favorite sites by the user.

This concept is very similar to the Flipboard Inc.’s app.

In the Rocketmelt app for iPad, users will be able to connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts, get feeds from their favorite sites and recommended publishers.

Rocketmelt has already developed a social browser that is a type of desktop app. It has gotten 4 million registrations that are up from 1.7 million in January. Users are spending 7 hours and 15 minutes on average per day actively in Rocketmelt. They found that the users are clicking their Rocketmelt bookmarks 27 times a day as they prefer it on searching or entering URLs. It utilizes the same experience in iPad app.

Rocketmelt has worked with a number of publishers to give users fast loading versions. It also has a search feature for scanning bookmarks or going to particular websites. It can also link to Google search results. Users can also share contents on social networks.

Rockmelt: Explore the best of the web – RockMelt, Inc.

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