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Photographers will be able to get Lytro camera outside U.S. by next month | SayPeople

Photographers will be able to get Lytro camera outside U.S. by next month

Lytro camera

Lytro light field camera is now available outside U.S. after six months its launch in the country as announced by the company. In U.S., consumers can also get this camera through retailers such as,, and starting from October 9. Starting from November, Lytro camera will be available through CityTarget stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Westwood, California.

“Since our first shipments of the Lytro camera only six months ago, we’ve been inundated with requests to bring the Lytro camera to countries near and far and to stores near you,” said Charles Chi, CEO of Lytro in a statement.

Starting from October, the camera will be available in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company detailed the availability as starting from October 9 online at Future Shop, from October 10 In-store through retailers in Australia, from the mid of October In-store through retailers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Consumers can also sign up for international interest list, if their country is not mentioned.

Company has reported that about 400,000 pictures have been shared by the Lytro camera owners since its first launch in U.S. At this time, the camera is available only through at $400 for the 8GB version, or $500 for the 16GB model. With the help of this camera users can focus their favorite point on picture by using Lytro’s software on computer even after taking the picture. Lytro camera has the ability to capture 11 million different rays of light, “megarays,” that help to remove the need to focus a specific point while taking the picture.

You can check some of the pictures of this camera below. Click anywhere in the picture to focus that point.

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