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iPhone 5 camera users are reporting purple flares in the camera near bright light | SayPeople

iPhone 5 camera users are reporting purple flares in the camera near bright light

Purple flare in iPhone 5 camera

Users of iPhone 5 are reporting purple flares in the camera in the presence of bright light in or around the flame. They are talking about this issue in online forums as reported by Cult of Mac.

In a comment over on Cult of Mac, reader Michael Harris writes,

It’s not the lens, Apple eliminated the IR cut filter and in some cases that causes some shades of black to be purple. They did it for cost or thinness. Leica did it with their first digital rangefinder camera and it had the same effect. It can’t be fixed with software, Leica had to actually send IR filters to people who purchased the camera. Unfortunately you can’t put a screw-on filter to a cell phone.

In 2006, Leica M8 users found almost the same problem in which the black areas mostly look like purple areas. Leica M8 was the first digital camera in the rangefiner M series introduced by Leica Camera AG. In order to solve the problem, company sent two free ultraviolet and infrared screw-on filters to the M8 users.

Some experts are thinking that there is new Sapphire lens used in the camera, which is resulting to this problem. However, according to The Next Web this problem is not unique to iPhone 5.

After Mapping problems this could be the next problem leading to thinking on the next product by the company.

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