Facebook is below Twitter in mobile ad revenue this year

Twitter moves ahead of Facebook in U.S. mobile ad income with near to double that of Facebook. According to a recent report by eMarketer, Twitter earned $129.7 million in mobile ads this year, while Facebook earned $72.7 million. eMarketer is estimating its mobile advertising revenues on the reported revenues from the company releases.

Not only Twitter but Millennial Media and Apple are also above Facebook with $84.1 million and $75.1 million in 2012, respectively. Google topped the mobile ad revenue with $1423.1 million this year and Pandora is at second position with $226.4 million this year. According to the report, Facebook will get the second position in 2013 and Google will remain at the top position.

U.S. Mobile ad revenues of different companies

“The increasing focus on mobile by both Twitter and Facebook, as well as other major digital advertising publishers, will continue to [grow] in the overall U.S. mobile advertising market,”. According to the eMarketer report, overall U.S. mobile advertising will reach $2.61 billion this year while the market would reach $12 billion by 2016.


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