Facebook has updated its camera app to add photos to the album of choice

Facebook Camera app updated

Facebook has released an update to the camera app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on Tuesday, August 28. This app has notifications about new tags, “likes” or comments appearing in the news feed. This app comes with the ability to not only create photo albums but also to add photos to any album of choice. Previously, all photos, when uploaded by the app, went into the Mobile Uploads album by default.

Names and profile photos of the people, who will like the photo, can also be seen through the app. Moreover, comments can also be liked just as users do on the Facebook website.

Facebook Camera was released in May and this is the first update to this app. This app has 4+ ratings on iTunes. This app has been updated after about a week after the update to the main app.

The app still has to come to the Android operated devices.


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