Getting Inspiration from Apple Inc.

Getting inspiration from Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is a great marketer as shown by its winning place in the CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence in 2012 i.e. constant for five consecutive years.

Apple has utilized the important strategies to become one of the best marketers in the world with traditional and nontraditional ways of marketing.

The company involved the customers’ experience in the development of products.

The company tried again and again to remove the less-essential components from the products. As Jobs noted, “We make progress by eliminating things.”

The company not only removed the non-essential or less-essential parts but also makes the products and services compatible to each other, so that the customers would be able to get streamlined system, making it easy for them to work and progress. In this case, we can take the example of iTunes, which is not the big money making service but its presence make the company’s hardware more valuable.

Not only this, but also you can find the interesting relationship between the presentation and the products. Apple Inc. introduced stores with the additional fun factor that encourages the customer to go there, which Ron Johnson, former head of Apple Stores, described as “something short, fun, and something you want to talk about.” It uses novel advertising ways to advertise customers. Moreover, the company presents only Apple’s brands on its stores that may be an important thing for its customers to see only this company.

Apple has also concentrated on the beautiful presentation of its stores and one of its examples is the Apple Store in Fifth Avenue, New York. Bloomberg has recently reported that there are 20,000 average weekly visits to Apple’s retail stores. Carmine Gallo, author of “The Apple Experience,” said that the employers of those stores care a lot about the experience of the customer whether they want to buy something or not.

Apple’s hiring strategy is also based on the conditions of success. Carmine Gallo reported that the hiring team or managers try to find confidence in the candidates, who want to work in the stores; they try to find whether the candidates can work with the behavioral approach of customers and finally they work on the ability of the candidates to work in a way similar to that of Steve Jobs.

Apple Inc. works on the policy that sometimes, we have to demote our own product to introduce something better because if we will not do, some other company would introduce that better product. The company reported, “We’re not perfect. Phones are not perfect. We all know that. But we want to make our users happy.”

The company focuses on few services and few products and makes improvements in them. Tim Cook, COO, described Apple’s strategy as, “One traditional management philosophy that’s taught in many business schools is diversification. Well, that’s not us.” This helps the customers to get what they want with best results. The company’s focus on its few products makes those products powerful, which finally worked as the company’s ambassadors and a sort of proud for its customers. Recently, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster reported that 65% of survey respondents said that they will buy Apple’s iPhone giving an estimation of faster 80 million iPhone 5 sales after its launch.

Not only marketing but Apple has also done extremely good in terms of facing challenges such as compatibility of services with previous software and material shortages along with cost margins.

Jack Purcher wrote in a blog post on Patently Apple,

In 2007, Samsung, HTC, Google and all others in the industry didn’t have a smartphone with the likes of Apple’s iPhone features. They didn’t have the solutions that Apple eloquently brought to market to make a smartphone truly smart. Apple carefully and meticulously crafted a full end-to-end smartphone solution.

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