Top 10 statements which scientific community eagerly wants to listen in reality

Top 10 statements scientific community wants to listen

Following is the list of the statements, which have still not become a reality but scientific community eagerly wants to listen to them.

1. At last cancer has been cured.

Cancer is the problem of mankind for a long time. Many scientists from around the world are working together to find the cure.

2. The mystery of dark matter has been solved.

Dark matter is the matter that is thought to be involved in the expansion of the universe but still nobody has viewed it.

3. We have achieved travelling at the speed of light.

Speed of light is considered as the fastest speed of light in the universe and it is almost impossible for human beings to travel at the speed of light.

4. Scientists have found the other universe more than 15 billion light years away.

This universe is thought to be produced about 14 billion years ago and this lead to the concept that this universe has the limits of about 14 billion light years. What is beyond this distance? Nobody knows!!!

5. The process through which the first living being developed has been found.

It is one of the biggest mysteries of mankind that how were the first living things came into being?

6. Scientists have found the conclusive number of species on Earth.

There is a great number of species in the world. Many are on extinction and scientists find many more species each year.

7. Scientists have found the process through which Mass Extinction occurred.

Dinosaurs and the animals of the Earth of that time came to an end with a process that is still a mystery.

8. The mystery behind the long and healthy life of the people of older times has been revealed.

People of the time of Hadrat Nuh (A.S.) (Noah) usually lived hundreds of years of life but it is not clear why the age of the people declined. Moreover, it is also to find why the human beings get old with time?

9. Now we understand the process of dreaming.

Every human being see dreams but why and how they are so real?

10. Yes we can move through time.

What will happen when your future self come to you and say “I am you” or you will go to the past and talk with your grand-grand-grand-father. But still, it is a dream to move forward or backward in time i.e. time travel.

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