More than 200,000 computers will not be able to connect to internet on Monday


Thousands of PC and Mac users will be affected by the presence of a malware, DNSChanger, on Monday as FBI is shutting down the domains, which are affected by the malware. DNSChanger malware is moving in the web since 2007.

The malware is not good as it redirects the Internet Traffic to sites containing paid advertisements, so that cyber criminals would earn profit from visitors.

FBI is asking for consumers for a long time to check whether their systems have been affected by the malware or not and still it is expected that 275,000 computers will not be able to connect to the internet on Monday, July 9.

Users can check their system for the presence of malware on the tool created by The DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG). Click on the link and check the box, if its green your computer is free of malware and if its red, your system has malware and will be closed to internet on Monday.

Moreover, McAfee’s DNS Check tool can also check for the malware.  Official DNSChanger Check-up site will give you a list of further check tools.

Via: Mashable

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