HP’s patent for see-through technology

See-through screen concept by HP

HP has patented a see-through screen technology. This technology will allow the consumers to see not only through the computer display but also the objects behind the screen as light will be allowed to pass through the display screens. This patent was filed about 6 years ago in 2006.

In this technology, HP has worked a lot on greyscale or full-colour graphics to be displayed on the transparent screens. The company has also reported that the people behind the screens could be shown different images, which will overcome the privacy issues. The display screen can also be placed against an object to superimpose information.

HP's patent shows that how the display and behind the screen could be seen at the same timeThis could be a “chart, picture or other image,” the authors of the patent wrote, “For example [the] see-through display may be placed upon a map so as to provide an observer with a navigation route.”

The authors have also noted that by making such screens flexible, they can be rolled away for storage.

The company released the concept videos of the ThruScreen and the HP Flex last year.

This technology would be integrated into vehicle windscreens and can be of help to show advertisements on windows.

“HP has been working on trying to perfect this technology for about two decades,” said Chris Green, principal technology analyst at Davies Murphy Group Europe.

“There’s many real world applications, from augmented reality to displaying information on flat surfaces such as web browsers on windows or heads-up displays in cars.

“It may look gimmicky in the movies but there’s huge financial potential in this if you can get the technology right and sell it for an acceptable price.”

HP is not the only company working on this project other companies including Samsung is also working on the same project.

Via: BBC


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