Vaccines against Cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction treatment using vaccines

Researchers have developed the possible vaccines to cure cocaine addiction. The vaccines have been found successful in monkeys and mice models injected with cocaine.

This research has been done by a team of researchers led by Ronald Crystal, who is a researcher at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]The vaccines are found to be the first among the anti-addiction treatments to use our own body’s defense against it. It uses antibodies of the body against the cocaine-like materials to get protection from it. These antibodies are activated using harmless proteins of virus.

One of the vaccines, i.e. “active” vaccine, has been presented on June 12 at the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s annual meeting in Miami Beach by study researcher Shankar Vallabhajosula, also of Weil Cornell Medical College.

The second “passive” vaccine has been presented in June 18 issue of the journal Human Gene Therapy. In this vaccine, scientists used different virus to inject genetic material into the liver cells of the mice.

The vaccine is still in the working process and it would take some years for its availability in the market. The researchers are working on the toxicity of these injections in animals.

Researchers are of the opinion that after the success of the vaccine for cocaine, further vaccines for heroin, nicotine and other addictions could also be developed.

Via: Live Science

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