Google’s map now showing Amazonian tribe from Brazil

Amazon as seen from Google Maps

Google has launched the cultural map of Amazon tribe in Brazil, i.e. Surui indigenous people, on Saturday. This has been done as a result of five years collaboration of the Surui chief Almir and the US technology giant.

Amazon - Surui People[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]The map has been released for the first time at a business forum on the sidelines of the UN Rio+20 conference on sustainable development. The idea for the map to the Google was given by Almir about five years during the visit to the United States.

This map is a collection of pictures and videos showing historical sites and 3D visualization of Surui territory in the northwestern Brazilian state of Rondonia, and can be reached on the site as well as on Google Earth. This digital work will help the Amazonian tribe to share their vast knowledge about the forest. Moreover, they will be able to inspire people to take part in prevention of illegal logging.

According to Rebecca Moore, Google Earth Outreach leader, it is the Google’s first such project with an indigenous people.

“We really believe that this is ground-breaking, ground-breaking for Google,” she added. “The Surui people and Google worked together to bring the story of the forest to the global community.”

Via: News Australia

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