In a Latvian airline, passengers may connect with like minded people in flight

SeatBuddy Flight Mood

airBaltic, a Latvian airline, has introduced SeatBuddy that will allow the like minded people to come together for facilitated flights.

SeatBuddy allows the passengers to choose from a number of criteria to select and connect the passengers with same mind to the others of that mind at that time or throughout the flight. The company has used the technology of SatisFly in the SeatBuddy. Through this, the passengers first select the mood they want during the flight whether they want to talk or sleep or chat casually or left alone to do their personal tasks.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]On the further note, if someone wants to talk with the travelling seatmate he/she can select from a number of criteria to select such as age, education level, languages spoken, similar hobbies or same work experience.

Users can also get information from Facebook profile to get the required seatmate. Other social networks have also been included such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, TripIt, Google+ and Foursquare to get in contact with others on the seat.

Passenger can also add information through the technology about their food preferences and all of this information will be kept in a secure place and all connections shall be made anonymously prior to flight.

Via: Digital Trends Source: airBaltic

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