Cities with least resting and relaxing people in U.S.; Report

Top 10 cities with people in need of recharge

Beautyrest, mattress manufacturer, has recently released the report of 30 U.S. cities, the people of which, require a Recharge. The company has found that the people of Las Vegas need recharge maximum of all.

Beautyrest has studied the millions of Twitter posts, Google searches, and other social media behaviors across major cities in U.S. while considering about 50 terms such as sleepless, stressed out, overworked, words showing the meaning of less than fully charged, sleep, physical health and mental health. In the research, company has found about 5.6 million tweets related to people “needing recharge” last year.

The list of the cities badly needs some rest and relaxation, in order by need is as follows;

1. Las Vegas
2. Miami
3. Austin
4. Atlanta
5. Durham
6. Houston
7. Chicago
8. Arlington, Texas
9. Pittsburgh
10. Columbus, Ohio
11. San Diego
12. Nashville
13. Charlotte
14. Lynwood, Calif.
15. Philadelphia
16. Los Angeles
17. Boston
18. Indianapolis
19. Milwaukee
20. Dallas
21. San Jose
22. New York
23. Raleigh
24. Portland, Ore.
25. Seattle
26. San Francisco
27. Denver
28. Minneapolis
29. Phoenix
30. San Antonio

“Anyone who doesn’t feel fully charged in their day-to-day life should know there are some simple steps they can take to help restore balance and recharge themselves,” said health and fitness expert and chairman of the board for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Chris Freytag, a wellness expert for Beautyrest. “Getting better sleep is a great first step, especially since 73 percent of us are getting less sleep per night than we should, and 70 million Americans are affected by sleep problems.”

Source: BeautyRest

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