Lessons I have learnt from the life of my favorite Muslim scientists

About the Author: Maimona Riaz is one of the most talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan. She is studying Pharm. D.
Scientists of past are the guiding stars for modern civilization
Scientists of past are the guiding stars for modern civilization

Scientists of past (Muslim) ages were the most capable, hardworking, intelligent, and self-made discoverers which any nation can have. They used to dedicate their lives for the betterment of humanity by making new inventions and new discoveries.

Its not that nowadays scientists are not capable enough or are less hardworking, but nobody can deny the fact that to be a pioneer of something is not a small thing. I idealize and can learn more from them as they work on the things and invent those things, when there were no traces or no concept of their existence and those great ambitious people work on the things with not any past history or any already existing theories or books. They also never lose their grip from ISLAM and seek guidance from it.

The life of today’s scientist or modern civilization, no doubt, also teach us great things but what I think is, they have already built basis of different discoveries provided by the scientists of past, the great books written by the old scientists.


Among a lot of my favorite scientists, JABAR IBN HAYYAN is one of them. He was born in 721 AD died in Iraq in 815 AD. He was known as FATHER OF CHEMISTRY or also as “ARAB DOCTOR’’.

Jabir’s interest in chemistry field was probably inspired by his teacher Ja’far as-Sadiq. When he used to talk about alchemy, he would say

“My master Ja’far as-Sadiq taught me about calcium, evaporation, distillation and crystallization and everything I learned in alchemy was from my master Ja’far as-Sadiq”

Those were the great people who used to learn so much from their teachers, they idealize them, assume their teachers as a beacon of themselves. And those only who respect their teachers and literally want to learn something from them, get success. This is the very basic great point for us to get success or achieve any goal.

He had recommended his students, saying:

 “The first duty is to work and carry out experiments, because who does not work and carries out tests, does not reach the lowest rank of perfection. Soon, through experience you reach knowledge”.

This shows the foremost priority in our practical fields to reach the right knowledge. We, nowadays, do not want to do anything practically as it is very time consuming and demands effort and patience. But we want everything in a glimpse. ONE SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS ON THE PATH OF SUCCESS.

Jabir in artist's rendition

Some interesting facts about the master of a great scientist:


Imam Jafar was known for his liberal views on learning, and was keen to debate with scholars of different faiths and of different beliefs. He was so confident of his knowledge and feared no one except ALLAH.

Let’s take a brief look at the strong belief of Master Jafar Al-Sadiq on ALLAH (SWT) along with his endless contribution in evolution of scientific studies.

Someone one asked Ja’far Al-Sadiq to show him God.  Ja’far Al-Sadiq replied,

“Look at the sun.”

The man replied that he could not look at the sun because it is too bright.

Ja’far Al-Sadiq replied:

“If you cannot see the created, how can you expect to see the creator?”

We the MUSLIM of the so called modern civilization want to get knowledge and success but do not want to follow Islam but from this we should accept that Being a Muslim we should not only focus on our priorities related to science but should also take ALLAH along with us on the path of getting knowledge, without whom we are nothing but a particle of dust.

Muslim scientists and their works

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