Some pictographs in Chinese language

Some pictographs

Pictographs in Chinese language are those characters, which are very close to the meaning in real life. You can easily learn many of the pictographs by just looking at them.

Below you can find some of the pictographs presented by ChineseHour;

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]子 zi, meaning son. You can remember the English transliteration by looking the similarity of the upper of the Chinese character with the word “z”.

zi, son (Credit: Chinese Hour)

众 zhòng, meaning many; numerous.

zhòng, many; numerous (Credit: Chinese Hour)

月 yuè, meaning moon, month.

yuè, moon, month (Credit: Chinese Hour)

雨 yŭ, meaning rain. You can remember this transliteration by saying “Yoooohoooo! its raining. I am happy.”

yŭ, rain (Credit: Chinese Hour)

鱼 yú, meaning Fish.

yú, Fish (Credit: Chinese Hour)

羊 yang, meaning sheep. You can remember the transliteration by thinking of a big “Y” in “ENGlish” (Y ENG) and drawing three lines in the middle.

yang, sheep (Credit: Chinese Hour)

心 xīn, meaning heart, feeling, center.

xīn, heart, feeling, center (Credit: Chinese Hour)

門 (men2) meaning “door, gate”.

Source: Chinese Hour

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