Age-old technology of making the water drinkable


Do you know one of the cheapest ways to disinfect water is to expose it to sunlight?

Yes Sunlight…

Just expose the water to sunlight for six hours, UV rays in the sunlight cause the microbes to tear apart resulting in the disinfection of the water. Solar water disinfection is also known as SODIS and is an age old method of disinfecting the water. It has been offered by the World Health Organization (WHO) for areas where clean water is either unavailable or available in limited amount.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Although the water has become disinfected by SODIS but a problem may remain, which has been solved by the scientists effectively. The problem is the water being cloudy from sediment. Scientists have found that this cloudiness can be removed by salt. NPR’s blog “the SALT” has written;

Pierce and his colleagues discovered that by adding a little table salt to this murky water, they could get the particles of clay to stick together and settle to the bottom, making the water clear enough to purify using the solar disinfection method. They also found that the addition of salt works best for certain kinds of clay soils, namely bentonite, and not so well with others. But when they added a little bentonite along with salt to water that contained other types of clay soils, it worked just as well.

Pierce says the method works because bentonite clays have an electrostatic charge – which makes them attracted to the charged ions in the salt. When bentonite is mixed with other particles, they stick together, and the salt pulls everything out of the water.

“So basically you add dirt and salt, to make the water cleaner?” I asked him.

“Right,” said Pierce laughing, “It’s not exactly intuitive.”

Moreover, the addition of Lime juice not only decreases the time for disinfecting the two liter of water from six hours to half an hour but also kill pathogens in the water due to the presence of chemical compounds such as psoralens.

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