Why or why not to choose Pharmacy as a profession?

About the Author: Hafiza Hadia Tahir is one of the talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan. She is studying in Pharm. D.

Pharmaceutical education

What is Pharmacy?

According to “Encyclopedia Britannica” pharmacy is the science dealing with the collection, preparation and standardization of drugs. Pharmacist has to earn a qualifying degree and prepare and dispense prescribed medications. They formerly mixed and measured drug products from raw materials according to doctor’s prescription and are still responsible for formulating, storing and providing correct dosage of medicines.

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In a time where sickness fills the earth, pharmacist and other medical authorities are needed more than ever to help the world to its best health level.

Health care education has a significant role on health of community and on improving services for patient. In most parts of the world, pharmacy education enables pharmacist in dealing with safe and effective use of drugs, primary healthcare, preventive medicine and health promotion. It emphasizes on research and development (R&D) of pharmaceuticals and production of new drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also recognized the role of pharmacist in health care system in a repot by WHO consultative group (meeting held in New Delhi in 1988).

Modern pharmacy is a rapidly developing and expanding professional field. It is the third last health profession in our country. Specialists in pharmacy have very good demand and can develop their careers not only as the consultant in pharmacy shops but also as the employers of hospitals, specialized clinics or health care centers as well as medical laboratories or research center.

Now-a-days pharmacists play new significant roles and shoulder more responsibilities to help relieve the stress on current health care system.

Pharmacy is attracted as an occupation due to its dynamism, flexibility and opportunity to deal with patients who have different health problems.

Pharmacists dispense prescribed medications to patients and offer advises on their safe use. They work in pharmacies including groceries and drug stores as well as they work in hospitals and clinics.

Job outlook

Pharmacy leads directly to a career which does not just involve lab work. It seems to be a good career, fairly good pay and lots of job opportunities.

Employment of pharmacists is expected to increase by 25% from 2010-2020 i.e. faster than the average for all occupations.

Why I choose this field…?

I have been admiring the work of doctors, pharmacists and other medical specialists, their courage, determination and dedication to their noble profession. That’s why I made up my mind to develop my own career on this field as I had always been good in science especially chemistry and biology. I started getting interest in pharmacy.

I do not mind starting my career in a hospital or clinic or health care facility, when I would be a pharmacist, consulting medical personnel on properties and effects of drugs and other medical related issues. I can also work together with therapists, physicians or other health practitioners.

It is a great honor to help dozens of people every day to sustain their hopes for better to bring long-awaited relief and positive changes to their lives.

Why not to choose pharmacy?

Pharmacy was a promising career some years ago. It has slowly but surely slipped down; added stress, added services, more paper work, less staff hours and it gets worse as time goes.

As my advice, if anyone wants to pursue pharmacy as a career; DON’T. It’s not worthy anymore.

The scope of pharmacy has slipped day by day especially in Pakistan, it has not scope. Unemployment is common in people with this field. Market is flooded with the pharmacists. Pharmacists get paid decently up until a few years ago, when there were many jobs to choose from. However, the market is very competitive these days because of the influence of new graduates from pharmacy programs without enough positions to meet with supply.

The big problem with this field is unemployment as a woman said that she gave up her job in past for some reason but now when she applied again, she can’t find a job even when she has a licensed pharmacy degree with a BS and lots of experience with last job at a clinic.

New pharmacy schools popping up all over the places resulting in glut of pharmacist but I still believe that zero growth economy is to blame more than a glut. Part timers going full time not being able to retire. Fewer stores are opening this is all the result of an awful economy.


Despite the critical situation about the pharmacy profession in Pakistan, rays of hope are still alive in minds of many people like me that a day will come when a pharmacist in Pakistan will serve the people in full and true sense of pharmacy profession will develop, making the lives of humans more comfortable, easier and better with respect to health mind and body. May this time reach sooner…..Ameen!